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ۼ Mark Kim (markkim) 2018.03.06 ȸ 189
췲IELTS-ij ̿ Į: ̿ ǰ No. 35

ij ̿ ϱ 췲: ̿ ǰ No. 35


̹ ٷ ֵ Education ٷ ϰ ֵ Դϴ.


1.abstract: ,

There is a section at the end of the magazine that includes abstracts of recent articles. ( ֱ ۵ ʷ ֽϴ.)


2.academic: б, academically: б

Children who are not good at academic subjects may excel in music and sport. (й ϴ ̵ Ƹ ǰ پ Դϴ.)



Children's independent access to their local streets may be important for their own personal, mental and psychological development. ( Ÿ ̵ ټ Ƹ ̵ , , ɸ ߴ޿ ߿ Դϴ.)


4.acknowledge: ϴ, νϴ

While it is acknowledged for many years that an increasing number of animals are bound to become extinct, it is only recently that the problem has been addressed by politicians. ( DZ ̶ νĵǾ ݸ鿡 ġ鿡 ٷ ֱٿ Դϴ.)


5.acquire: ϴ, , acquisition: ȹ,

It is not surprising that children learn to talk without instruction since they have an innate ability to acquire language. (̵  ϴ õ ɷ ֱ ̵ ϴ ƴմϴ.)

[̿̿ijپ̿췲п, IELTS п]


6.approach: , ϴ

All students need to be reminded that a consistent approach to studying is certainly not inconsequential in achieving exam success. (迡 ϴ Ϳ ־ н ټ ߿ϴٴ ˾ƾ ʿ䰡 ֽϴ.)


7. assess: ϴ, assessment:

The opposite process is likely to lead to more sustainable water use, by first assessing the available water resource and then deciding how best it can be used. (켱 ̿밡 ڿ ϰ װ  ν ׿ ٸ Ӱ ϴ.)


8. cite: οϴ

Thousands of British school children are to be tested for dyscalculia, a"number blindness" condition which is increasingly being cited as the reason many youngsters are failing at maths. (õ б ̵ ֿ ׽Ʈ ̰, к ´ ̵ п ϴ μ οǾ ֽϴ.)


9. comprehend: ϴ, comprehensive:

At the first glance, it is hard to comprehend how ordinary people can be induced to these acts of murder and suicide under the guise of religion and morality. ( ⿡  Ϲ Ʒ ̷ ̳ ڻ ϵ ִ° ϴ ƽϴ.)


10. concentrate: ϴ

According to the World Health Organization, 300 million to 500 million new cases of malaria occur every year, almost entirely concentrated in the tropics.(躸DZⱸ ų 3ǿ 5 󸮾ư ߻ϰ 濡 ߵǾ ֽϴ.)

[̿̿ijپ̿췲п, IELTS п]


11. considerable: ,

World Bank officials also advocate the management of water as a rare resource and such a shift could result in considerable savings. ( ڴ ڿμ ϴ ϸ ׷ ȭ Դϴ.)


12. consult: ϴ, ϴ, consultation: , ; ; ȸ

In consultation with the Students' Representative Council he appoints an Assessor on the Court who by convention is a student. (лǥȸ Ͽ ״ ȸ ڸ ϰ ڴ ʻ лԴϴ.)


13. contribute: ϴ, ⿩ϴ

The reduction in children's freedom may also contribute to a weakening of the sense of local community. (̵ Ҵ ü ǽ ȭ Դϴ.)


14. converse: ȭϴ

He is withdrawn and preoccupied with his own thoughts, hardly able to converse with his mother. (״³̰ ڽ ȷ ־ ӴϿ ȭ ϴ.)


15. converse: ݴ, ; ݴ, Ųٷ, conversely: ݴ

In the US, you drive on the right hand side of the road, but in the UK the converse applies. (̱ ݴ밡 ˴ϴ.)

[̿̿ijپ̿췲п, IELTS п]


о Ӿƴ϶ ٸ Topic ִ ֵ ˴ϴ. ܿż 쿡 Ͽ ñ ٶϴ.

ij ְ, , IELTS п, 췲п  

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