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‘중앙일보’를 즐겨찾기에 추가

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중앙 페이스북 중앙 트위터 전자신문 도움말 중앙일보 캐나다한국인
> Jim & Roger's 본바닥 영어

It just opened up; 막 개업했어요

(Erica and Andy are having a lunch date…) (에리카와 앤디가 점심을 먹으며 데이트를 하는데…) Erica: I've never been to this res..

(one) has to get going…가봐야겠어요

(It's late and Erica is leaving a party and saying goodnight to Andy a young man she has just met…)(시간이 늦..

burn off…안개가 증발되다

(Cathy and her husband Ned are driving on the freeway … ) (캐시와 남편 네드가 프리웨이를 달리며…) Cathy: This fog is real..

(one) slept like a baby; 곤하게 자다

(Diana is talking to her brother Roger who is visiting her in New York…) (다이애나가 뉴욕을 찾아온 남동생 라저와 이야기를 나눈다…..

I'm going to call it a night 자야겠다

(Roger is visiting his sister, Diana, in New York…)(라저가 뉴욕에 사는 누이 다이애나네 집에 가서는…)Diana: How was your fligh..

what is (someone) up to? 뭐해?

(Dan is talking to his friend Ray on the telephone…) (댄이 친구 레이와 전화통화를 하는데…) Ray: Hello? 레이: 여보세요? Dan: Hi..

a ways away; (시간상 거리상) 멀리 있다

(Alison is talking to her friend Dustin…)(앨리슨이 친구 더스틴과 이야기하는데…)Alison: Dustin when is your birthday?앨리슨: ..

looks good (or nice) on (someone); (무엇이) 잘 어울..

(Hope and Laurence are having dinner at a very nice restaurant…) (호프와 로렌스가 근사한 식당에서 저녁을 먹으며…) Laurence: T..

pick (someone) up (something); (누구에게 무엇을) 사주다..

(Hope comes home from shopping and is talking to her husband Laurence…)(호프가 샤핑을 하고 집으로 돌아와 남편 로렌스와 이야기를 한..

to be on edge; 초조하다 불안하다

(Audrey and her mother are having breakfast…)(오드라가 어머니와 아침을 먹으며…)Mother: Have you heard anything from you..
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